Photo by Hong Thai
Photo by Hong Thai

Home base since 1999Eschschloraque – one of the best underground venues in Berlin. Currently resident in :about blank with the Autopoiesis partyseries and in Solar Berlin. Past residencies include Tresor (nearly 5 years), Maria am Ostbahnhof (from opening to closing), Bastard… Very frequently booked at Fusion Festival (10 times so far)

My music style changed through out the years (from BreakBeat to Electro to House to TechFunk) to, currently, Techno… And it was always, and still is, best described as I’m-going-to-kick-your-arse-onto-the-dance-floor-and-you-will-like-it-and-beg-for-more!!! (recent techno sets here)

Currently working on a new live set, first live performances scheduled for the end of Apríl 2017.

The story:

I moved to Berlin in 1998 and, together with DJ Ed2000, opened a record shop at the back of legendary Cafe Silberstein in the heart of the city. During the day we had the turntables in the shop for me to play the new vinyl, in the evening we brought them up to the bar for the DJ who was booked on the night. One night the DJ couldn’t come, so I had to step in for him. On the next day the bar owners offered me a weekly residency and my path as a DJ started!
At first I was playing small bars and clubs around Berlin, then bigger venues, then different cities. In 1999 we started the DANGEROUS DRUMS party series and in 2001 the record label of the same name and with this came tours across Europe, the USA, India, Japan, Brazil…. Parallel to this I ran weekly/monthly radio shows, released records, made a remix for Adidas’ advertising and started composing music for theatre plays and performing it live in theatre- and opera-houses across Germany.

Oh, and I also make steel sculptures, but that’s a whole other story… (here)

Club Tracks:

2012 – Steve Morell & Monica Pokorna “Lady Pherez” (dj Vela rmx) – PALE MUSIC
2008 – dj Vela & FX “repne movsb” – RECURITY LABS
2006 – Remix for the Football WC ADIDAS TV ADVERT
2003 – dj Vela “ol’ witch’s jig” – DANGEROUS DRUMS REC.
2002 – dj Vela “irresistible” – MOVING TARGET REC.
2002 – Two 4 Joy “daisy cutter” – DANGEROUS DRUMS REC.
2002 – dj Vela „roamers“ – DANGEROUS DRUMS REC.
2001 – Two 4 Joy „we do it like this“ – DANGEROUS DRUMS REC.

Music for Theatre:

2012 – Frösche im heißen Wasser – HORST, Berlin
2011 & 2012 – Des Kaisers neue Kleider – COMOEDIE, Dresden
2010 & 2011 – Der Raeuber Hotzenplotz – SAARLÄNDISCHES STAATSTHEATER, Saarbruecken
2010 – Human Ways -KULE Theatre, Berlin
2010 – Made in Berlin- WINTERGARTEN Variete, Berlin
2006 & 2007 – Cengiz & Locke – GRIPS Theatre, Berlin


Germany, UK, Japan, India, Brazil, USA, Holland, Austria, Bulgaria, Swiss, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Poland, Rumania…

CSD (Berlin), Love Parade (Berlin), Street Parade (Zrich), Glade Festival (UK), Fusion Festival (Germany), Liberty One Festival (Spain), MTV Tour of Poland, House of God (UK), Smile Rave-Festival (Texas, USA), Karneval der Kulturen (Berlin), Fuck Parade (Berlin), The Queen’s Jubilee @ BC, Berlin, Berlin Insane! (Berlin) & many more..